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Studying towards a degree will help you secure the career you really want, while meeting new people, having new experiences and developing interest .Investing in your education and future is an important decision, here’s why you should choose to study with Krishna College

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'Tamso Ma Jyotirgarmay' 0 Lord, take us from darknesss (ignorance) to light (knowledge). This is the Vision of Krishna Charitable Trust Society. It objects in strengthening academic and intellectual powers of the students by supplying effective teaching methods. Krishna Charitable Trust Society Imparting pragmatic knowledge to students under the light of idealistic values. The mission of the society is to establish institutions to prepare high level professionals. Krishna college ensures to provide high quality education at low cost.
(i) Making higher education accessable to the people of Bijnor in general and people belonging to Sc's, St's, OBC' and minorities in particular by reducing their traveling and lodging costs.
(ii) Improving

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