Principal MESSAGE

Dr. Parvaz Ahmad Khan is a gold Medalist in LL.M. He has been awarded the Govt. of India Fellowship by the Ministry of Home Affairs for his doctoral research work. He has published many articles and participated in several National Seminars with special reference to human rights. He is also active member of many Non-Government organizations. He has been working as the Principal of the College since its inception in 2002.

Krishna College is a remarkable place, where the student can fulfil his dreams of becoming one of the best professional. The College is reaching new levels of excellence and registering its name in promoting economic growth and social progress. The college has a well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. The highly pragmatic and progressive environment developed by the talented faculty is conducive to the development of personality, empowerment of knowledge and skill enhancement.

Dr. Parvaz Ahmad Khan

Krishna College of Law



Principal MESSAGE

Dear Students I welcome you to this elite institutions .Be brave, be bold, dare and do. Nothing is impossible. No obstacle is insurmountable. Once your mind is made up and you stand firm as a rock, No one can stop you from gaining your goals and crowing yourself with success. With hope and ambition, to give rain to your vision, look ahead and plan and hesitate, do not rest till the job is done. Know what you want and go after it with single minded concentration & total resoluteness. Success comes when you get what you want desire .

Dr. Seema Sharma

Krishna College of Science & I.T