Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation

  • Ragging is strictly prohibited. If any students is found indulging, committing or abetting ragging; he/she shall be punished/ rusticated / expelled/ / suspended from the Institute.

  • Trafficking and using any kind of drugs in the Colleges premises is strictly prohibited. Any students involved in such activities shall be removed from the College and legal action shall be taken against the defaulter.

  • Consumption of Alcohol, Smoking and chewing of Tobacco and indulgence in betting in the College premises is strictly prohibited.

  • Punctuality is of utmost importance for any good professional institution. Any Student late for the classes, practical, seminars, workshop, etc. and any other activity promulgated by the College, will not be allowed to attend the same and may be debarred from appearing in the University examination.

  • Any Students misbehaving with Faculty and Staff will be severely punished.

  • All Students should be in proper College uniform.

  • Severe penalty will be imposed on the students who are found violating dress code.

  • Minimum 75% attendance (in lecture, tutorial and practical classes) is mandatory requirement for appearing in University and Semester Examination. Students, who fail to meet the minimum attendance requirement (calculated on the basis of combined schedule of theory and practical hours) will not be permitted to appear in the final University Examination.

  • No Camera phones can be used in the college premises. Use of any type of phone during college hours within the premises is prohibited.