Krishna College of Science and Information Technology

MSW(Master of Social Works)

Total Seats-40

Eligibility for admission: Should be graduate in any descipline from a recognized University with 45% marks

Duration: 2 years divided into 4 semesters

About MSW-

After doing M.S.W. a candidate may go to academic area (Ph.D./Research Programme/ Teaching) or may join development sector/non-government organizations as a program supervisor, program Manager, Public Relation Officer, Counselor or social Worker in Hospitals or may join a behaviour change communication specialist or communication officer. This course will foster the next generation of leaders and will be the driving force of the future.
Master in Social Work (MSW) is a professional degree with specializations, pursued after Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or any other Bachelor's degree. MSW promotes macro and micro-aspects of professional social work practice, whereas the BSW focuses more on direct social work practices in community, hospitals, schools and other fields of social services.
A master’s degree in social work (MSW) traditionally takes two years to complete and is a requirement for those who aim to hold a clinical, supervisory, or program director role. An MSW is currently considered the terminal degree in the field of social work, in spite of the availability of higher degrees. Those who complete this degree may work in the medical, mental health, and educational fields, providing support as therapists, healthcare social workers, school social workers, and as clinical social workers.

Career Prospects
The career opportunities for graduates of MSW are quite high.  All jobs in this field are related to social service or charity work.  Jobs are available in the government sector because of abundant opportunities.
A few of the reputed organizations that work for the  socio-economic support as well as welfare of the disadvantaged, orphans, people with disabilities are:



    Department of Rural Development

    HelpAge India



Job Name Job Type Salary per annum (in INR)
Social Worker Helps people in need through monetary, socially or emotional needs. 5,89,581
Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization Manages the working of the program which aims to alleviate problems taken up by the NPO. 4,80,000
Sr. Human Resources (HR) Manager Sees and looks after the Recruitment of new Entrants in the NPO and provides training. 6,56,000
Human Resources (HR) Associate He works closely with the manager to achieve same goals. 2,36,654

Human Resource (HR) Generalist

Works on the program as a whole and makes sure smooth functioning of the same. 1,19,599 - 1,55,1328
Human Resource Manager Provides expertise and assistance to its heads to achieve similar needs. 6,00,000


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