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B.Sc (Math)

Eligibility- 12th with PCM in any recognised board

About B.Sc (Maths)


B.Sc. Math  is an undergraduate Mathematics degree program. Mathematics is the branch of structure, space, quantity, and change. B.Sc. Math course provides in-depth knowledge about trigonometry, geometry, calculus and numerous other theories in Mathematics or respective disciplines, for example,  additionally to study of the normal Bachelor of Science subjects such as Physics and Chemistry.

The program is being offered by various colleges and universities in off as well as on campuses throughout the nation. After successful completion of B.Sc. Math  degree program, various employment offers open in actuarial sciences, statistics, mathematical modeling, computer sciences, cryptography etc.

Career Prospects-


Statisticians Statistician is in charge of the evaluation, interpretation, collation, and presentation of quantitative information and data. INR 3 to 4 Lacs
Business Analyst Business Analyst is responsible to make the solutions which can resolve business issues technically as well as it also examines the needs and documentation for growing sales efforts. INR 8 to 9 Lacs
Mathematician The mathematician is responsible for utilizing formulas, concepts, and models to prove or disapprove the theories. They utilize strategies for solving business issues and engineering etc. INR 9 to 10 Lacs
Risk Analyst Risk analyst is in charge of monitoring the risks financially involved in the investments as well as operations in an association. They usually work for banks and financial institutions. INR 5 to 6 Lacs
Data Analyst Data analysts are responsible for collecting information for market research and logistics or transportations to utilize that information in order to make decisions. INR 3 to 4 Lacs

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